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What is Boss Lady Coaching?

It's more than someone to talk to and brainstorm with. It's a mindset, a team, an inner confidence, bravery, and most importantly, a choice. A decision to act, not settle for what's comfortable, and to hold yourself accountable. It's pushing yourself to grow in ways you never thought possible to become a leader of influence and impact.

Whether it's landing a promotion, getting hired for a dream job, or leading change in your community, Hollie Sexton and Megan Stith connect women with tools to help them show fear who's boss.

What would your life be like if you lived outside your comfort zone?


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Boss Lady Coaching supports women as they develop habits of bravery. That’s not something that can be done in any one way. It requires the messages we share through our active social media presence, the inspiring stories we tell through the Boss Lady Coaching Podcast, tools like our Braver by the Day journal and personal coaching services, and relationships we build through events. We believe in using our influence and relationships to build up other women so we can have an even greater impact on our professions and communities.

"Women are more successful when they support each other. Building a network that strengthens those connections benefits all of us."

-Boss Lady Coaching Co-Founder Megan Stith

Do you know a woman who has an inspiring story to share? Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking for a mentor? Do you have a new business or service to promote? Let's talk! Whether it's publicizing a special event with a live social media broadcast, having an in-depth conversation about tough issues women face, or celebrating the great work women leaders are doing in your community, let the Boss Lady network help spread the word.

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