BLC Podcast Recap: Shelley Mitchell

Since Boss Lady Coaching is all about encouraging women to be brave, who better to talk to than an expert in risk management? Shelley is the Vice President of Risk for Fort Knox Federal Credit Union, a mom, and investor in Heels Together. While on the surface a career in accounting may not sound like an adventure, Shelley's career is proof that you can explore a variety of environments and businesses. "I did public accounting as an auditor and got to see how organizations worked. From large universities to complex hospital systems, I really got to see the 'ins and outs' and learn more than the average person would in that time." In this role, Shelley had to provide constructive feedback to a

Brave enough to be You

Over a year ago, I had someone I respected ask me why I chose to be so open about my hobbies and interests. At first this question caught me off guard. I'd never considered that I shouldn't be able to talk about my love of Star Wars or excitement about the next concert I was checking off my bucket list. After all, nobody bats an eye when men come into the office buzzing about the latest football news or plans to go hunting over the weekend. Why must I risk compromising my credibility by being open about who I am? After all, it's connection and mutual interests that build relationships. I was hurt by the implication I should have to compartmentalize myself to make others happy. In that anger

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