March 6, 2019

This may be the worst-kept secret in the world, but I'm a big nerd. I fly my geek flag proudly, among my collection of Star Wars toys and past experience publishing economic research. I'm one of those people who will answer a question with a question and enjoys debating just for the sake of examining issues from all sides. So when I was recently selected to serve on jury duty, found myself appointed to a grand jury, and randomly assigned as our foreman, of...

September 19, 2018

Warning: the following post reflects my personal religious views. While I pride myself in being of service to people of all backgrounds and beliefs, my faith is intertwined with who I am. If that’s a problem, feel free to keep browsing the interwebs. Might I suggest visiting this list of the 20 cutest kittens ever? Surely we can all agree that is time well spent!

For Patrick’s First Communion we bought him a copy of the Adventure Bible, which he has been f...

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May 29, 2019

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