January 8, 2019

A nagging voice in the back of my mind tells me I shouldn't be writing this blog post. As I type, in my kitchen there is a crock pot half full of leftover chicken dinner that needs packaged for lunch tomorrow and cleaned. And yet I'm choosing to let it sit on the counter. It's a perfect reminder of why this post is so important.

I recently read an article about how difficult it is to avoid burnout, especially for women. This may seem like the most obvious un...

May 10, 2017

With over 7 billion people alive on the planet as you read this, it’s hard to imagine many things that every single individual has in common. We are all diverse in our age, appearance, nationality, customs, and beliefs. We can break ourselves down into the most basic parts- the fact that we all breathe air and have blood flow through our veins- but even then biological differences like blood type or medical conditions mean we are not mirror images of each o...

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May 29, 2019

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