Meet Coach Megan Stith

Just a few short years ago, I moved to a new community where I knew no one. With the help of a supportive network and the drive to always push myself beyond what I thought possible, I became the CEO of a regional nonprofit at age 30.

When my colleague affectionately called me, "the Boss Lady," I honestly didn't know what to think because I'd never envisioned myself in that way before. Here I was still learning, finding my way through challenges, and sometimes feeling anything but confident! Despite the self-doubt that so many women struggle with, I embraced this new role and decided to help others by sharing the steps I took to move forward in my career. Now I welcome the opportunity to take on tough jobs and look forward to empowering you to become a Boss too!

At a glance:

10 years in nonprofits including Executive experience

Facilitator & Convener

Strategic Thinker & Problem-solver

Public Speaker

Certified Professional Coach

Farmer's wife, mom to 2 boys, and Star Wars fan

"Megan is thoughtful, straight to the point, and helpful in so many ways. She asks the right questions to help me get to the core of what I need so I can make meaningful changes in my career. I really value her input and expertise!"

"Megan has definitely given me a greater confidence through noting and emphasizing my strengths."

"Feedback on Megan has been unanimously glowing! She informed and energized our local board members to embrace the bold moves necessary to move toward a high-performing organization."

Meet Hollie Sexton

Hollie Sexton has enjoyed careers as a radio personality, social media content creator, writer, producer, voice over artist, news reporter, podcaster and brand builder. Currently, Hollie is focused on connecting with Commonwealth educators, providing contextual classroom support and teaching financial education best practices on behalf of Kentucky's largest credit union. Hollie also provides training, distance learning curriculum, classroom games, presentations and awards. Her most important job is being a mother to an intelligent, talkative and curious son. Hollie enjoys teaching vocal technique lessons to teens and adults. She also sings at community events. Email your Boss Lady Coaching podcast questions to Hollie!

At a glance:

University of Louisville alumna - Organizational Leadership

Television, Radio, Podcast Broadcaster

Collaborative Author



Mom and advocate for children

"Hollie's work is extraordinary. You can always expect excellent results because she has your best interest at heart."

"Hollie cares about her community and the people in it and always goes the extra mile to exceed her goals, as well as others."

"Hollie is a breath of fresh air in this business....REAL, classy, caring, loves life, genuine, loves what she does and it shows!"