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Share Your Story on the Boss Lady Coaching Podcast

Are you going to be a guest on the Boss Lady Coaching Podcast? Here are some tips to help you feel comfortable in our recording session!

  • Please email us a professional-quality photo and brief bio, which we will use when promoting your episode. See our Facebook page for examples.

  • Typically we don't use a scripted list of questions since our approach is more conversational but if you have specific things you'd like to talk about, we can go in whatever direction you prefer. Generally our conversations follow a format of talking about where you are now, how you got there, and what advice you would give to others. If there's anything you don't want to discuss, we'll respect those boundaries.

  • Relax and have fun! We often hear guests start out a bit nervous but after a few minutes, we all forget about the microphones and the conversation flows naturally. Our best episodes involve sharing experiences that are authentic and relatable, so don't be afraid to get real!

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Contact Us to Become a Guest

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We are always looking to meet women who are making an impact on their professions and communities. Past episodes have featured stay-at-home moms, small business owners, and industry leaders. Contact us for more information about appearing on the podcast!

Visit Soundcloud for all of our past episodes.

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