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You found your way to this page for a reason.

It's time to stop watching others pass you by.

Let's take the first steps toward claiming your future as a Boss.

Is Coaching Right for You?

  • Coaching is not just a friendly chat about goals and direction. Effective and powerful coaching is a dialogue driven by the client, with you identifying solutions and determining the best way to implement them.

  • A coach develops a close relationship of trust with you to help you understand yourself better, hold yourself accountable, and manage your own growth.

  • Coaching can help you identify things that are holding you back from reaching your fullest potential and develop positive habits to remove these barriers.

  • Coaching will empower you to think for yourself, develop your natural strengths, solve problems on your own.

  • Coaching prioritizes what really matters to you- your core values and vision for your future. It gives you the tools to align your purpose and passion to achieve a more fulfilling life.

Coaching is Not...

  • Consulting: someone with expertise offers advice, recommendations, or solutions

  • Mentoring: a more experienced person gives advice or knowledge to someone with less experience

  • Counseling: seeks healing by revisiting past situations and events

  • Training: an expert teaches someone how to perform a certain function or task and assesses what they have learned

  • A coach should not tell you what to do, solve your problems, take control of your situation, or provide therapy

Get the Most Out of Coaching

  • Coaching won't help unless you're open and committed to change.

  • Be ready to take action. Our time together is only as valuable as the follow-through you give the goals and plans you set for yourself.

  • Make coaching a priority. There will always be demands competing for your time. Schedule time for coaching and completing assigned tasks in a way that is free of distractions. Even if it's just a few hours a week, a small amount of time spent focusing on your goals will make a big difference!

  • Don't be afraid of discomfort. Not knowing how to approach a situation or where coaching may take you can be intimidating. But remember you and your coach are on the same team- my job is to help you seek out and embrace things that scare you! The trust we'll develop is a powerful and unique tool that will make as large an impact as you'll allow.

Let's Team Up to Achieve Your Goals

No coach can promise specific results since the goals and work needed to accomplish them are up to you. However, here are a few examples of results that Megan can help you accomplish:

  • Land a dream job

  • Position yourself for a promotion

  • Become more visible in your community or industry

  • Improve your confidence or executive presence

  • Unleash your authentic leadership skills

  • Set personal or professional goals and develop strategies to achieve them

"Coaching embodies the idea that we are made for change, growth, learning, and ongoing development."

-Dr. Michael Hall

"The best part about Megan's coaching is that she can lead a person without directing them into decisions they do not choose for themselves."


"Megan is everything you could hope in for a coach. She is incredibly successful and yet down to earth. She has a way of making you feel important, but you also know she would be honest if asked for constructive criticism."


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