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A few months ago, a trend went across social media asking people to share their first jobs. Finally a craze I could get behind more than the Ice Bucket, Mannequin, or other popular challenge because it showed that no matter where you go in life, we all have to start somewhere. The main thing most success stories have in common is simple, can be done by anyone, and is yet incredibly powerful- hard work.

I’ve learned so much through the experience I’ve gained wearing lots of different hats over the years, and look forward to sharing these stories through my blog. So to help you get to know me, here are the jobs I've held since starting to work back in my teens!

  1. Church office receptionist

  2. Babysitter

  3. Saleslady at the Limited (especially funny if you know how much I care about fashion)

  4. Stable hand at horse farms

  5. Cafeteria worker

  6. Beef cattle convention intern

  7. Sheep farm hand

  8. Research assistant

  9. MRI office tech and after-hours security (not sure how I got the job at 5’2” unless I’m more intimidating than I look)

  10. Ag economics research assistant

  11. Real estate agent

  12. Substitute teacher

  13. Librarian

  14. Marketing guru and extra set of hands for our family’s farm (including a bit of everything from cutting tobacco to raking hay, keeping calves from killing themselves, and managing our sales strategy)

  15. Fundraiser/problem-solver/world changer

  16. Coach :)

What jobs have taught you the most important lessons? What position surprised you the most? Would love to hear you thoughts as comments or on our Facebook page!

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