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How to stand out and build relationships in 5 minutes a day

Are you looking for a way to stand out in your field, deepen relationships, or develop habits of gratitude? When was the last time you stopped to write a thank you note?

Given our busy schedules and all the technology at our disposal, handwritten notes have become a lost art. However, it really only takes a few minutes to stop and express your gratitude and can easily be worked into your daily routine. Do you work best first thing in the morning when the office is quiet? Start the day by writing a note to someone who helped you on a project, agreed to meet with you, or who needs a few kind words of encouragement. Or perhaps you’re looking for ways to turn off your phone and disconnect at home. Keep blank notes in your bedside table and write one before you end the day.

If that sounds like too much to take on, pick one day a week and block out time on your calendar to write a note or two. Just building a habit of taking time to reflect and thank others will go a long way! Your message doesn’t have to be lengthy or perfect- even a few sentences can make an impact.

While we’re all flooded by emails and social media posts, people notice and appreciate when you’ve taken the time to reach out to them personally. You never know what someone is going through and how meaningful it may be to hear from you.

So go out and order some cute note cards and get started!

Not sure what to say? Here are some sample messages to use until you get more comfortable personalizing notes with your own unique style.

Want to step up your gratitude game to the next level? Here’s how one CEO has become more grateful by writing thousands of birthday cards!

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